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Whatcha Need To Know

No such thing as a price for everything

by charles bailey on 02/23/17

A lot of times all get that question how much for an amp and subwoofer install, I just have the basic stuff, but when asked what model numbers you have, I have been told  I just want an install, does it really matter, well what we all have to realize when a place is not seeing the amp or sub or vehicle they are taking down the information so they can better assist you, not every amp is the same size nor the same power, when coming up with an estimate, you want to kind of get an idea of where you can place the product and what size power wires you are going to need to use, some people might say they have a 1000 watt amp, but in reality it is only 300 watts, because they are only looking at the max wattage and not the continuous power it produces.

same thing goes for stereos there are single and double din radio sizes, that can come with no CD, with CD, auxiliary, usb, bluetooth, navigation, hdmi, apple carplay, android auto and much more, so just saying a stereo install does not help anyone, but giving a model number does so next time you should want to help a shop, help you better

One Of The Best Products Out There

by charles bailey on 07/02/14

You have a car stereo in your car or motorcycle and you only have a aux plug, but you would like to stream music through bluetooth, well now there is something for you and it works great its called the Rockford Fosgate RFBTAUX

Another great upgrade if your trying to keep your car stock and want better sound for Jeep, Ford, Chevy, Gmc and Dodge

by charles bailey on 08/20/13

Kicker makes a product called soundgate which is a factory audio upgrade kit

Great Summer Deal

by charles bailey on 06/03/13

Get a prepaid card for buying a Clarion stereo